Friday Movie Review. 

Good morning everyone, and welcome to what I hope will be a weekly feature. 

Each Friday my mum has the day off work and R and I usually go to spend the day at her house, eat lunch, drink coffee and watch terrible daytime tv. It’s something we’ve done pretty much since he was born. 

Anyway…Today we had the absolute pleasure of watching NYC: Tornado Terror. 

I feel like I should put some kind of disclaimer on this post about how absolutely dire this film was. It was so bad, that i recommend you watch it as a benchmark for bad movies, cause I guarantee you won’t find anything as bad as this ever again. 

Let’s start with the plot, this film is about a group of people, one of them a meteorologist, who tries to stop a bout of tornadoes that hit New York City after the northern and southern atmospheres separate. Along the way, we see some terrifying scenes of frozen people, extremely afraid women pointing to the sky (this is great!) I’ll get back to this.) And some strange and eerie lightning orbs. All before the meteorologist wifey who wasn’t listened to in the first place, (well duh! Why would a female who knows what she’s talking about be listened to by the almighty male mayor of New York?) hatches a master plan, and saves the day, much to the enjoyment of everyone who didn’t listen to her in the first place, and of course her husband who then gets appointed to be mayor. Naturally. 

Sounds exciting right?! Oh it is. Im gonna give you just the best moments of this film. The rest, you need to watch for yourself. 

Frozen people and scared woman points to the sky

The tornadoes have begun in the city, and of course the emergency services are on the scene to tend to the injured. Cue the arrival of aforementioned meteorologist and wife to the deputy mayor, Cassie Lawrence. She surpasses any kind of cordon and makes her way around the various dead bodies covered in some kind of dust or ice, without really being fazed by them until she sees that of a mother a baby (I’m assuming here due to the well placed pram before she gasps at something off camera). After turning around she sees a shocked woman sat on some steps, shaking. She immediately asks her what happened here, and the woman looks up at her, turns and looks at the sky and then still shaking uncontrollably points up at the sky without saying a word. 

This is just humorous. It’s awful. And really needs to be seen to be believed. It’s possibly the worst acting I have ever seen, and I hope whoever played that part never actually puts it on her resumè. 

Electricity + water = death 

Now this is something I was taught so early in my life, I don’t actually remember being taught it, and I’m sure the same goes for most people. You’d also think that a firefighter, would know this? Given that they usually need to know how to put out certain fires without water. 

Apparently not. 

While an extremely annoying news reporter and her crew are on the scene of one of fires caused by buildings coming down, the various lead characters in this movie are trying to contain and fight what seems to be a floating orb of lightening. (I feel like I need to watch again to fully grasp what’s going on with that) 

When the floating orb of lightning starts to make it’s way outside and down the electrical cables connected to the building, it looks as though the world’s most annoying news reporter and her crew are set to perish, but thankfully for them, a selfless firefighter turns around at exactly the right moment and saves them by pointing his water gun at the lightning and being electrocuted himself instead, causing his untimely death. 

The fact that the hoses are made of rubber, plus the rubber gloves and usually rubber soled shoes he was wearing that probably would have actually prevented his death, I feel i must point out that this is a character that features in the very beginning of the film with a love interest, so of course, he had to die. 

Second to the whole fireman would have known not to point water at electricity thing, the love interest who m has been hospitalised since the beginning of the film, finds out about his death from, you guessed it, the news reporter. Informing next of kin doesn’t matter if you’ve got a hell of a story to tell in this movie. 

To finish out, I give this 1 star, only given for the sheer creativity it must have taken to actually get someone to spend their money making this go awful film. But I honestly do urge you to watch it. Crack open the popcorn and enjoy it for an alternative comedy. 

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